user personas

Presented July 2018

1-month project


Our objective was to create personas that represented actual user experiences and data to reveal goals, needs, and behaviors of our existing user groups. By producing this set of documents, we hoped to make consumer stories visible, memorable, and actionable. We wanted to build empathy, create a shared understanding of users across the team, and make informed decisions using this data.


As the lead UX researcher and designer, I created and distributed the survey that got 545 responses from our active users, analyzed the survey results for statistical significances, combined these quantitative findings with qualitative phone interview research, and turned those findings into distinct persona documents.


My process for creating these personas included: conducting exploratory persona research, determining the use cases for our personas, planning the preliminary persona document design, distributing quantitative user segment survey, evaluating existing user data and stories, synthesizing the data, building personas drafts, receiving team feedback, finalizing the personas, and sharing the documents with the team.

User Surveys

Research Analysis

Persona Iterations

Final Primary Personas

Final Secondary Personas


Since the personas were completed, the team has referenced them in brainstorming workshops and product roadmap planning. They helped us define everything from our one-year strategy to value propositions to new app features.


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