usage based insurance

Launched August 2018

3-week project


Our main goal in creating a usage based insurance marketplace within the EverDrive app was to develop a means for monetization that would also benefit our users.

Currently, users have to do most of the work when finding auto insurance. If they want a safe-driving discount, they need to drive around with various insurers' tracking devices for months at a time and hope that they will receive a better rate in the end. Our aim was to allow our users to use their existing EverDrive driving data to their advantage and reach out to multiple insurers at once. This would allow them to compare discounts from multiple insurers within our app and cut down on the time with which they needed to drive and collect data for each individual insurer.


As the lead UX researcher, I performed 5 remote user tests to test everything from copy to flows to feature find-ability, conducted more than 2 dozen phone interviews to gauge users' expectations for such a feature, and continuously kept in touch with users throughout the release of the feature which resulted in design adjustments and new, prioritized recommendations to meet user needs. As the lead UX designer and supporting visual designer, I led design critique sessions, built high-fidelity visual mock-ups, wrote all copy, developed user flows, and created illustrations. Our lead visual designer, Carolina Rago, defined the app's style guide and adjusted my mocks to meet brand standards.


Our main metrics for success included: enrollment rate, referral rate, and number of individual binds. Specific goals for each metric cannot be shared at this time.

Original Concepts

Final Product Marketing (select images)

Final Enrollment Process (select images)

Final Offer Form (select images)

Click-to-Call Flow (select images)

Enrollment Screen Iterations


Our second iteration of the enrollment screen increased enrollment by 47%. Other results cannot be shared at this time.


usage based insurance marketplace


launched august 2018

new user scoring explanation


launched february 2018

everdrive user personas


july 2018

home screen & navigation redesign

upmc health plan app

launched december 2017

trip recording troubleshooting


launched june 2018

maternity resources

upmc health plan

october 2017