UPMC Health Plan

home screen &
navigation redesign

Launched December 2017

6-month project


Re-architect the Member App’s home screen experience.

UPMC Health Plan's mobile app was significantly limited by the way it was structured. A re-architected home screen was necessary to lay a new foundation for the app’s future, making it more useful and personal to members, more flexible for growth, and more valuable to UPMC Health Plan.


The redesign of this app was done in collaboration with Jeremy Burton. As the lead visual designer and supporting UX researcher, I developed the app's new visual aesthetic and guiding principles, pair designed wireframes with Jeremy, conducted competitor and trend research, led visual design critique sessions, prototyped transitions and animations, and created high-fidelity visual mock-ups of each screen and state.

Existing Experience

The design of the member app was developed more than three years ago, and over time it "frankenstein-ed" according to the needs of stakeholders. As more and more features were added, the visual design of the app became more and more inconsistent. Color schemes in the app no longer abided by UPMC's brand guidelines, icons were stylistically irregular, and typographic hierarchies ceased to exist. As we reviewed the roadmap for the app's upcoming features, we knew we had to create a visual and organizational structure for these features to succeed. To stay competitive, we had to make the app human-centered, flexible, personal, modern, and most importantly, usable.


Some of our success metrics included: increasing usage within the app by 25% and increasing the number of returning users by 10%.


Pair Design






After a December release, January analytics showed a 1.8x increase in number of user sessions, 15% increase in users with more than one session per month, 3.5x increase in member service live chat sessions, and 2x increase in doctor searches.


usage based insurance marketplace


launched august 2018

new user scoring explanation


launched february 2018

everdrive user personas


july 2018

home screen & navigation redesign

upmc health plan app

launched december 2017

trip recording troubleshooting


launched june 2018

maternity resources

upmc health plan

october 2017